I grew up in the public libraries of Cartagena, a little town in southern Spain, surrounded by books and words. I worked in archives, libraries and documentation centers as an intern with short term contracts in Murcia, Madrid and Barcelona (Spain) even before graduating in Library and Information Sciences (LIS).

As a librarian, catalogues have always fascinated me for their power to recover information.As a millennial, I’m even more fascinated by the possibilities that the Internet, Search Engines, hyperlinks, and social media can bring to the table. In 2008, when the world crashed following the economic crisis, I reinvented my career in the Digital Marketing field. It was a period of enthusiasm, hard work and several learning opportunities at institutions such as La Casa Encendida (Fundación Montemadrid, Madrid), the Reading Motivation Campaign (Ministry of Culture, Madrid) and The Cross Border Project (Valladolid).

In 2020, I moved to New York and my life completely changed. I bursted out of my precious bubble that I had built in Madrid for 12 years and crossed the Atlantic Ocean, starting a new life as a migrant in the time of Covid, elections, and social riots as well as trans-national solidarity. 

 At this point in my life, as a newcomer to the US, I am determined to dedicate my professional strengths, energy, and time to projects that make a difference and align with my values: honesty, justice, and inner peace. And fun too, please, I love to have fun when I work. 

My goal is to contribute to the fight for social justice and equity by practically and meaningfully applying my communication, writing, and digital marketing skills in a public library, a nonprofit organization, or community projects.